Alex & Matt

The Heights Villa
Houston, TX



September 16th, 2017

It was that moment again..I was packing my bags and sorting through my paints. I went through each color-making sure my paint bag had the ability to create endless swirls and textures. Once I poured over every detail and loaded the car, I traveled from the New Orleans area through the concrete paths of trustworthy Interstate 10 & 12 onto the expansive loops and circles of Houston. Arriving into Houston, I had a night to kill before the wedding the following day. As I always do, I made a trip to my favorite taco establishment, where I let cilantro and shrimp flex my taste buds. Soon enough, the night flew by and it was morning. I made my way to the lavish Heights neighborhood. I of course found a great cafe and coffee shop. With a promising latte in one hand, and canvas in the other, I found The Heights Villa. The ceilings are bountiful and drapery stunning. I met the lovely Sava with TwoBeWed and began to prepare for the painting process. Once the ceremony ended we quickly flipped the room to prepare it for the reception. I then had the pleasure of meeting Alex and Matt, the bride and groom. After only speaking with them over the phone, it was great to put a face to a name. The next four hours flew through my paintbrush and I examined angles, shadows and figures. I met wonderful vendors such as Paige Vaughn Photography and FloraBella. Before I knew it, the mixing of paint became something much more than just that. I was able to give Alex and Matt the finished product. After a night of speedy color selection and studying, I journeyed back to my temporary home with new paint smears on my dress and sense of accomplishment.